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Nhan Nguyen Chairs Successful AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop at NASA Ames
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Nhan Nguyen Chairs Successful AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop at NASA Ames

Nhan Nguyen chaired the second American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Intelligent Systems Workshop, which was held at the NASA Ames Conference Center during August 5-7. The workshop was attended by 169 participants, including 122 from NASA, representing over 40 organizations. The workshop featured four keynote speakers from NASA Ames, Google, and Boeing; four discussion panels; and 11 breakout sessions covering topics in adaptive systems, Air Traffic Management (ATM)/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) applications, autonomy, big data, computational intelligence, human machine interactions, Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM), robotics, and software Verification and Validation (V&V). Workshop participants received a draft copy of the roadmap for intelligent systems in aerospace. The workshop brought together many Ames organizations, including code TI, code TH (Human Systems Integration), and code A (Aeronautics), as well as Google, Boeing, and other organizations to stimulate technical interchange and knowledge sharing in order to gain better understanding of technical challenges and technology barriers in enabling future autonomy.

BACKGROUND: NASA has been actively participating in the AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee for the past decade. NASA participating centers include ARC, Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC), Glenn Research Center (GRC), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Johnson Space Center (JSC), Langley Research Center (LaRC), and Stennis Space Center (SSC). NASA ARC has several past and current members who represent the technical interest of intelligent systems research at ARC.

PROGRAM FUNDING: Professional service in an AIAA technical committee is considered as part of the professional development of NASA researchers who are funded by NASA mission directorates to conduct work that may or may not be related to their professional service. The current funding that allows attendance of an AIAA event is provided by the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Advanced Air Transport Technology (AATT) project.

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