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Aviation Week & Space Technology Highlights Elastic-Shaped Future Air Vehicle Work
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Aviation Week & Space Technology Highlights Elastic-Shaped Future Air Vehicle Work

Aviation Week & Space Technology, a reputed aerospace and defense industry weekly news magazine, recently published the online article, “Flying Greener, on the Wings of a Gull,” based on work by Nhan Nguyen that was selected by NASA for an Innovation Fund Award in 2010. Nhan Nguyen’s work, a four-month study entitled, “Elastically Shaped Future Air Vehicle Concept,” examines innovative future aircraft concepts that could potentially achieve improved fuel efficiency for future commercial aviation.

BACKGROUND: The Elastically Shaped Future Air Vehicle Concept study developed several innovative ideas, including a flexible airframe with elastic wing shapes, an oval-shaped fuselage, novel continuous-trailing flap systems, and active wing-shaping control technology for cruise drag-reduction. Boeing Research and Technology in St. Louis and Seal Beach and Boeing Commercial Aircraft in Seattle have subsequently contacted NASA and expressed their interests in further developing these concepts. The follow-on research based on this study has recently been incorporated into the NASA ARMD Subsonic Fixed Wing (SFW) project as part of its new research plan to address the technical challenges of energy efficiency in future aviation.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA Innovative Partnership Program (IPP) and the Subsonic Fixed Wing (SFW) project

COLLABORATORS: Boeing Research and Technology, NASA LaRC, and the California State University at Sacramento

Contact: Nhan Nguyen

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