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Stephen Jacklin Co-Authors Next-Generation Avionics Roadmap v2

The Aircraft Working Group of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) has published the Next-Generation (NextGen) Avionics Roadmap v2. The Roadmap is co-authored by Stephen Jacklin and other NASA, FAA, and aerospace industry personnel. JPDO Director, Dr. Karlin Toner, hailed the publication of this document as a major achievement.

BACKGROUND: The NextGen Avionics Roadmap focuses on the definition of far-term NextGen avionics that will require either new aircraft equipage, standardization of aircraft equipage, or greater fleet equipage. It also addresses different segments of aviation, such as General Aviation (GA), and includes new work on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Surface Movement, and Weather. The avionics-enabled improvements addressed in Version 2.0 are presented in six groups of related capabilities. These groups will help operators identify the available capabilities that are most likely to be important to their far-term NextGen operations:

  • Routes and Procedures
  • Negotiated Trajectories
  • Delegated Separation
  • Low Visibility Arrivals, Departures, and Approaches
  • Surface Operations
  • Air Traffic Management Efficiencies

All of these capabilities are fully aligned with the FAA’s NextGen Implementation Plan, published in March 2011. This is critical because the Roadmap is aimed at addressing the overall development of aircraft capabilities and how they are enabled by various avionic systems.

PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA Aviation Safety Program Office, and the NASA System-Wide Safety and Assurance Technologies Project (SSAT)

TEAM: Stephen Jacklin (ARC Code TI), Frank Alexander (IATA), Chad Ballentine (APA), Clay Barber (Garmin), Jacob Biggs (Cessna), Mike Cramer (MITRE), James Davis (Freeflight Technologies), Stephen Hampton (Embry-Riddle), Pascal Joly (Airbus), Joel Klooster (GE), Joseph Marshall (Northrop Grumman), Dave Nakamura (Boeing), John Schwoyer (Airline Dispatchers Federation), Stephen Van Trees (FAA), Jeffrey Viken (NASA Langley), and Rosa Weber Honeywell

Contact: Stephen Jacklin

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