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NASA Featured Content in Google Earth

The first NASA Featured Content layer for Google Earth was released in a Google Earth update on July 18, 2007. Highlighting a range of NASA Earth science activities, this layer helps NASA reach out to Google Earth's hundreds of millions of users worldwide. It includes satellite imagery and astronaut photography of Earth revealing various Earth science phenomena, accompanied by brief explanations. It also includes a newly reprocessed set of night lights imagery, allowing anyone to easily explore global urbanization and light pollution.

The layer was developed by the Planetary Content Team in conjunction with Google as well as scientists from the NASA Earth Observatory at the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center.

BACKGROUND: The NASA/Google Planetary Content Team is one of the specific collaborations taking place under the umbrella of the NASA/Google Space Act Agreement. Headquartered in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center, the mission of the Planetary Content Team is to develop software tools to make NASA's planetary imagery and data more accessible and useful to both scientists and the general public.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Google/NASA Reimbursable Space Act Agreement

Collaborators: Google, Inc.; Goddard Space Flight Center; Johnson Space Center

Contact: Matthew Hancher


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