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MOD Enterprise Architecture Repository Released

Johnson Space Center (JSC)’s Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) has significantly increased their reliance on the Ames-developed MOD Enterprise Architecture Repository (MODEAR) system, recently released for operational use at JSC. MODEAR has become the central hub for MOD’s process re-engineering and Enterprise Architecture activities. MODEAR stores the system-of-record data for MOD’s efforts to redesign and optimize their internal flight preparation and operational processes in support of the Constellation program.

The first version of MODEAR went from informal concept to production use in three months. The recent v1.1 release adds the ability to build custom descriptions of processes and products they exchange based on a template function. Users are able to browse, create, and update the function, process, and products through an intuitive web-based interface accessible throughout the NASA network. Currently 200 functions and 1645 product exchanges between these functions reside in a database that utilizes a customized Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) data schema.

BACKGROUND: MOD is collecting information from the various MOD divisions to document the set of activities that would take place during future Constellation operations. This information is being used to build DoDAF graphical views of activities, products, personnel, and resources that will foster a common understanding of MOD responsibilities. The information will also be imported into discrete event simulation models to find process bottlenecks and gaps. Eventually, this information will be used during operations to track progress of flight operations.

FUNDING: Constellation Information Systems Office

TEAM: Keith Swanson (Tech Lead), Kevin Gareau, Fu-Tai Shih, Nikita Anthony (Ames); Tom Connell, Charles Hogle, Granvil A. Pennington, Edward Terrell (JSC); Leila Meshkat (JPL)

Contact: Ian Sturken


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