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Mission Control Technologies Test

The Ames Mission Control Technologies (MCT) project successfully completed two weeks of testing in the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Operations Technology Facility (OTF) June 4-15. The purpose of OTF testing was to demonstrate the benefits of the MCT architecture to flight controllers, and to measure key engineering performance parameters. Usability tests of compositions of MCT telemetry and monitoring components were conducted by Tom Dayton and Harry Saddler, with JSC International Space Station flight controllers as users. A prototype of next-generation integrated command, control, and procedures components was demonstrated. In addition to usability testing, demonstrations were conducted for Brian Anderson, JSC Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) Chief Engineer; Allen Flynt, Director of MOD; and William Gerstenmaier, NASA Associate Administrator for Space Operations.

The MCT engineering team, led by David Hall, worked overtime to deliver the MCT frameworks and component compositions on time. The engineering team supported OTF testing, and took performance measurements during all usability tests. Usability and engineering data will be analyzed over the summer and presented in a report to JSC before the end of FY07.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ARC/JSC InterCenter Task Agreement

Contact: Jay Trimble


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