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MCT Developers Workshop at JSC

The first Mission Control Technologies (MCT) developers workshop was held at Johnson Space Center (JSC) for developers from the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD). MCT is a software technology that enables users to assemble software from composable components. MCT is a key next-generation user tools technology for JSC’s mission control center. The workshop duration was three days, with peak attendance of sixty people from groups such as core trajectory systems, electronic procedures, and training.

The purpose of the developers workshop was to introduce MOD developers to MCT, and to enable them to build MCT plugin components for their groups or disciplines. The workshop included overviews of the MCT architecture and user experience, MCT core components, and plugins. Laboratory exercises were devoted to creating and configuring simple plugins.

MOD developers used MCT to build basic components, with many attendees going well beyond the course materials to build their own components. The workshop was taught and supported by members of the MCT development team.

BACKGROUND: NASA Ames, in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center, is building a set of frameworks to enable mission operations software systems to be assembled from flexible collections of user-composable components. Components may be assembled and modified by users, with the level of composability and permissions controlled by policies. By assembling systems from components on a common framework, the traditional “walls” of monolithic applications are eliminated, as are the heterogeneous code bases and functional overlaps that come with traditional software applications. User composition empowers users to make rapid changes to software, within the constraints of organizational policy, without the need for code changes from platform service providers. In turn, platform service providers have the capability to provide certified, yet flexible systems.


Contact: Jay Trimble


Over fifty developers from Johnson Space Center's Mission Control Directorate attended a three-day workshop devoted to developing plugin components for the MCT framework. The workshop was held in the Mission Control Center's Integration Test Facility.

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