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Mission Control Technologies Certified for ISS Operations

Mission Control Technologies (MCT) was certified for operational use on the International Space Station (ISS) on 3/22/12. MCT may now be used for making real-time operational decisions on the ISS.

BACKGROUND: MCT, a collaboration of multiple NASA centers led by NASA Ames, has built a set of frameworks to enable mission operations software systems to be assembled from flexible collections of components and services. Components can come from multiple sources and can be reconfigured and reused as mission tasks and requirements evolve. MCT is being developed both as a generic framework for developers and as a targeted deployment for the specific needs of Johnson Space Center mission controllers.

PROGRAM FUNDING: ARC/JSC Mission Operations Directorate and the Intercenter Task Agreement

TEAM: Dan Berrios, Sue Blumenberg, Tom Dayton, Benson Hong, Madelyn Quinol, Mark Rose, Nija Shi, Irene Smith, Hao Thai, Peter Tran, Chris Webster, and Victor Woeltjen

Contact: Jay Trimble

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