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Mission Control Technologies (MCT) Utilized by JSC’s Morpheus Lander Project
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Mission Control Technologies (MCT) Utilized by JSC’s Morpheus Lander Project

Mission Control Technologies (MCT), a modular, user-composable integrated software environment, has been used at Johnson Space Center (JSC) to display data for the Morpheus Lander Project. MCT enables software to be assembled from shareable user objects using drag and drop. For Morpheus, MCT is used to display propellant tank pressures and other parameters during test firing.

Morpheus is a vertical testbed demonstrating new green propellant propulsion systems and autonomous landing and hazard detection technology. Designed, developed, manufactured, and operated in-house by engineers at JSC, the Morpheus Project represents not only a vehicle to advance technologies, but also an opportunity to try out “lean development” engineering practices. Morpheus is being tested at the VTB Flight Complex at JSC.

BACKGROUND: NASA Ames, in collaboration with Johnson Space Center (JSC), has built a set of frameworks to enable mission operations software systems to be assembled from flexible collections of user-composable components. By assembling systems from components on a common framework, the traditional “walls” of monolithic applications are eliminated, as are heterogeneous code bases and functional overlap that come with traditional software applications. Composable interfaces empower users to make rapid changes to software within the constraints of organizational policy, but without the need for code changes from platform service providers. In turn, platform service providers have the capability to provide certified, yet flexible systems.

For more information about MCT, see:

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TEAM: Sue Blumenberg, Tom Dayton, Madelyn Quinol, Mark Rose, Nija Shi, Antonio Si, Irene Smith, Peter Tran, Jay Trimble, and Chris Webster. Interns: Adam Crume, Benson Hong, and Sylvia Lin. JSC Core Team: Alan Crocker, Kevin Jennings, and Kevin Taylor

Contact: Jay Trimble

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