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Code TI Hosts Marie Curie Fellow

Dr. Thomas Lombaerts of the German Aerospace Center DLR (German for the Center for Aviation and Space Flight) was awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship to conduct research at Ames Research Center. While at Ames, Dr. Lombaerts will conduct research over the next two years in collaboration with Intelligent Systems Division flight control scientists and engineers on the design of adaptive and fault-tolerant flight control algorithms, focusing on the determination of safe flight envelopes and aircraft trajectories for severely damaged and environmentally friendly aircraft. Towards these goals, Dr. Lombaerts will investigate the following areas of research: sensor fusion, system identification, adaptive flight envelope estimation and protection, adaptive flight guidance and control, reconfigurable control allocation techniques, and pilot handling qualities.

BACKGROUND: Marie Curie Fellowships support the training and mobility of researchers throughout Europe. Fellowships can be located in academic and industrial settings in European Union Member and Associated States. To participate, researchers are required to go to another country to carry out their training.

PROGRAM FUNDING: European Union Marie Curie Fellowship Fund

Contact: Kalmanje Krishnakumar

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