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CAS Projects Featured at International Conference on Collaboration

At the invitation of the program committee for the 2011 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems held May 23-27, 2011 in Philadelphia, Dr. Rich Keller presented a plenary session talk entitled “Collaborative Systems for NASA Science, Engineering, and Mission Operations.” The talk introduced various types of NASA teams, unique NASA collaboration settings, and NASA-specific collaboration challenges. In addition, the talk highlighted four CAS collaborative systems projects: Mobile Agents, ScienceOrganizer, Collaborative Information Portal (CIP), and MERBoard.

An accompanying paper and associated set of posters was also presented at the conference. The paper and posters covered the abovementioned projects plus an additional six projects from CAS, ASR, and the NASA Virtual Institutes (the NASA Lunar Science Institute and the NASA Astrobiology Institute); these projects included Hypothesis Browser, OCA Management System (OCAMS), Exploration Ground Data System (xGDS), Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE), Center for Collaborative Science and Applications (CCSA), and NAI/NLSI Collaborative Tools. The paper was co-authored by the set of collaborators listed below and was nominated for a best poster paper award.

BACKGROUND: The International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems is a cross-cutting annual conference covering topics in collaboration infrastructure/tools/technologies, human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, and social networks, with contributions from academia, industry and government.

COLLABORATORS: Richard M. Keller, William J. Clancey, Matthew C. Deans, Joan C. Differding, K. Estelle Dodson, Francis Y. Enomoto, Jay P. Trimble, Michael H. Sims, Greg W. Orzech

Contact: Rich Keller

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