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K10 Red Shakedown Test

Team activity: We started the day with our full field team for the first time, although that also meant taking some time to rearrange workspace to accomodate everyone. Once we were settled in we worked on assembling K10 Black, and finished a few things on the checklist for K10 Red to begin operations.

fieldops We used the first full Lidar panorama test at Haughton as an opportunity to take a 3D team photo. We had to sit still for a few minutes while the scan was acquired, but more impressive was that Pascal's dog, Ping Pong, stayed still for it too.

haughton-team-portrait In the afternoon we sent K10 Red off on its first survey at Haughton. Two hours later it returned with some amazing scans of the Fortress.

k10red_fortress k10red_ravine

Rover activity: K10 Red completed its shakedown test today. The test was a Lidar survey around the Research Station and at a nearby rock outcrop called the Fortress. The survey was not an automatically generated coverage plan, but a series of selected waypoints just to test the systems.

Distance driven: K10 Red drove 729 meters carrying out a survey. K10 Black is still not driving yet.

Weather: Today was again a mostly sunny day with a high around 13 C. Overnight it has been getting down to 7 C.
Quote of the Day: "That's so cool!" Several people made this comment while watching K10 Red carry out the survey, or after looking at the results.

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