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K10 Red completes checkout

K10 Red and Habitat Operations assembled and ready for testing

Team activity: Today's activity centered around getting K10 Red assembled and tested. We first set up the rover shelter provided by Mars Institute, with the help of a few of the Inuit helpers at camp. This rover shed will move out to our remote site to provide shelter overnight or from foul weather while we work remotely over the next weeks. At base camp, we assembled the shelter in order to see how it works and make sure we had all the pieces. The box split on transit. Fortunately it was all there and came together without too much trouble.


Next step was to reassemble the K10 Red rover. The rover came together with no problems and we've confirmed that basic locomotion works with the rover propped up off the ground. Tomorrow we hope to finish further tests with individual systems and sensors, then put the rover on the ground and drive around base camp.


Meanwhile, we identified a suitable place for our Habitat Operations Center (or HabOps) in the Core Tent at the Research Station and got workspace, power, networking, and computing systems all in place. We should be testing with Ames and JSC in the loop soon.


Another Twin Otter came to Devon today bringing several CSA researchers. Pascal invited me for a quick flight over the crater to see our test site and the area around. Here are two photos from the flight:

crater_from_air drill_hill_from_air

Rover activity: K10 Red assembled and checked out on a stand. Tomorrow we will drive the rover around camp and checkout the higher level systems for navigation. We will also connect to Hab Ops to test our visualization and control software.

Weather: Clear sunny skies and moderate temperature, around 20C again today. Very calm winds, which made it easier to put up the rover shed.

Quote of the Day: "We're going swimming!" --several of the Inuit guides and a few of the intrepid HMP veterans who went for a quick dip, or just a splash, in the water before dinner today.

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