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K10 Black assembled and the rest of the field team arrives

K10 Black assembled and the rest of the field team arrives

Team activity: Today the rest of the team was assembled, both in terms of our two field team members, Hans and Lorenzo, arriving, and K10 Black getting unpacked from the shipping crate and assembled.


We also have our satellite image of the test site. The satellite image will serve as an analog to the kind of LRO data that will be available for future lunar rover missions.

After dinner at the HMP Research Station, it is the custom that one of the researchers on site will give a short presentation on their work. This is a great opportunity since so many of us have completely different backgrounds and different research focus and can learn a lot from each other.

After the seminar we took a drive out to scout the Drill Hill test site. Our team stayed outside of Inuit territory for permitting reasons but we got a sense of where the test site is in relation to the Research Station, how to get there, and what the site looks like from cloer up.


Rover activity: Today K10 Red only drove a few meters before we noticed a few software issues and decided to take a step back and slowly bring things up. K10 Black was unpacked and assembled and should be ready to roll tomorrow.
The rovers are already attracting quite a bit of attention in camp. We should be ready to do some mapping tests tomorrow and expect to have several still and video cameras pointed at the rovers for these tests.

Weather: Today was clear again and a little crisp, around 14C during the day and dropping below 10 around dinner time. We also had a 15 knot wind which put a bit of chill in the air. The wind was enough for us to reinforce the walls of our rover shed tent with some rocks and crates to protect against windborne dust and cold.

Quote of the Day: "Finish it at dinner or it's lunch tomorrow!" We've been eating very well but like any good, resource constrained camp chef, Janine is very resourceful and doesn't let good food waste. That's not a bad thing!

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