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Joint TI/TH/DLR Paper Awarded The 2015 Infotech@Aerospace AIAA Best Overall Paper
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Joint TI/TH/DLR Paper Awarded The 2015 Infotech@Aerospace AIAA Best Overall Paper

A joint NASA Ames (TI / Human Systems Integration Division - TH) and German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V – DLR) paper entitled “Trajectory Prediction and Alerting for Aircraft Mode and Energy State Awareness" won the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Best Paper Award for the Infotech@Aerospace Conference in 2015.

BACKGROUND: Loss Of Control (LOC) in flight is the leading cause of fatal aircraft accidents. In a recent study of LOC accidents and incidents, the cooperative government-industry Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) recommended safety enhancements that include flight-deck technologies to improve flight-crew awareness of the current and future state of the aircraft. As a result, the Mode and Energy State Awareness (MESA) research team developed technologies that can predict the future state of the aircraft, assess this future state relative to a safe flight envelope, and provide appropriate alerting to improve energy-state awareness. These technologies were evaluated in the Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator (ACFS) at the NASA Ames Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility (CVSRF). The resulting AIAA Infotech@Aerospace paper, which provided an overview of the implementation and evaluation of these technologies, received the Best Paper Award for the conference.

PROGRAM FUNDING: Technologies for Airplane State Awareness (TASA), Airspace Technology Demonstration (ATD), Airspace Operations and Safety Program (AOSP), Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

TEAM: Diana Acosta, John Kaneshige, Thomas Lombaerts (DLR), Avinash Madavan, Lynne Martin (TH), Stefan Schuet, and Kimberlee Shish

POC: John Kaneshige,

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