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Japanese Researchers Present Work on Assurance Cases

The Intelligent Systems Division hosted five researchers from Keio and Nagoya Universities in Japan, and Toyota Research, including the Toyota Technical Center in Los Angeles, for a one-day research meeting on February 11, 20131. The goal — and broad theme — of the meeting were challenges and opportunities for safety assurance in critical systems, including verification and validation, and the theory and practice of designing and constructing assurance cases demonstrating that critical systems are safe.

The visitors, who included the Avionics Lead for the Japanese unmanned International Space Station (ISS) supply vehicle, spoke on topics such as “Safety Development of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV),” “V&V Challenges in Automotive Control,” and “Architecture and Assurance Cases.” The hosts were Ewen Denney and Ganesh Pai (SGT) of the Division’s Robust Software Engineering research area.

Participants from Ames and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) spoke on a variety of topics, including the application of safety and dependability cases in NASA, using the NASA Ames AdvoCATE toolset for rigorous argument-based assurance, and robustness analysis through combinatorial testing and machine learning.

BACKGROUND: Ewen Denney and Ganesh Pai are developing the AdvoCATE toolset for the principled application of argument-based assurance to aviation problems, such as safety assurance and airworthiness certification.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Assurance of Flight Critical Systems, System-Wide Safety and Assurance Technologies (SSAT) project, Aviation Safety Program

Contact: Ewen Denney

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