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IRIS Ground Data System 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Ground Data System (GDS) passed acceptance testing and was successfully deployed to the operations environment within the Multi-Mission Operations Center (MMOC). This deployment included planning and data acquisition functions, which are core capabilities for operating the mission. This release will be used to support the first few Engineering Readiness Tests and other integration and test activities for the mission.

BACKGROUND: The IRIS mission is currently in development, preparing to launch in December of 2012. This mission will study the energy flow at the interface between the chromospheres (the gaseous layers consisting primarily of hydrogen surrounding the Sun’s photosphere) and the corona on the sun. Ames is supporting the mission, including development of mission operations and the GDS.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: IRIS Mission: SMD, Heliophysics, and SMEX

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Mitchell Ai-Chang, Robert Carvalho, Brian Johnson, Tony Lindsey, Masoud Mansouri-Samani, Scott Sawyer, Helen Stewart, and James Strong

Contact: Robert Carvalho

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