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IRIS Passes Mission Operations Review

The Mission Operations System (MOS) and Ground Data Systems (GDS) team for the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission passed their Mission Operations Review (MOR). The MOR is a major milestone in the development of the MOS and GDS, demonstrating that the team has the knowledge, tools, and plan in place to successfully conduct the mission. The MOR reviewers were from across NASA, and all spoke highly of the state of the IRIS MOS and GDS.

BACKGROUND: The IRIS mission is currently in development, preparing to launch in December of 2012. This mission will study the energy flow at the interface between the chromosphere (the gaseous layers consisting primarily of hydrogen surrounding the Sun's photosphere) and the corona on the sun. Ames is supporting the mission, including development of mission operations and the GDS.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: SMD Heliophysics Division, Small Explorers Office, IRIS Mission

IRIS MOS/GDS TEAM: Mitchell Ai-Chang, Robert Carvalho, Darin Foreman, Brian Johnson, Tony Lindsey, Masoud Mansouri-Samani, Eddy Mazmanian, Scott Sawyer, Helen Stewart, and James Strong

Contact: Robert Carvalho

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