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IRIS Ground Data and Mission Operations Systems Teams Prepare for Launch
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IRIS Ground Data and Mission Operations Systems Teams Prepare for Launch

The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Ground Data Systems (GDS) team successfully verified and validated final release of the IRIS GDS on May 19, in preparation for launch on June 26, 2013. The IRIS GDS passed the ARC Certification Of Flight Readiness (COFR) and is providing closing refinements for the SMall EXplorers (SMEX) office COFR sign-off. This week, the GDS lead is working to transfer the developed GDS products to the Multi-Mission Operations Center (MMOC) for maintenance in support of mission activities. The IRIS Mission Operations Systems (MOS) team is successfully working through simulations, Operational Readiness Tests (ORTs), and rehearsals in final preparation for launch and operations.

BACKGROUND: Understanding the interface between the Sun’s photosphere and corona remains a fundamental challenge in solar and heliospheric science. The IRIS mission opens a window of discovery into this crucial region by tracing the flow of energy and plasma through the chromosphere and transition region into the corona using spectrometry and imaging. IRIS is designed to provide significant new information to increase our understanding of energy transport into the corona and solar wind, and to provide an archetype for all stellar atmospheres. The unique instrument capabilities, coupled with state-of-the-art 3D modeling, will fill a large gap in our knowledge of this dynamic region of the solar atmosphere. The mission will extend the scientific output of existing heliophysics spacecraft that follow the effects of energy release processes from the Sun to the Earth.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Heliophysics and SMall EXplorers (SMEX) missions, Science Mission Directorate (SMD)

ARC TEAM: Code TI: Helen Stewart (GDS Lead), Dan Berrios (SW Engineer), Robert Carvalho (GDS SW Engineer & MOS Flight Operator), Tony Lindsey (GDS SW Engineer & MOS Planner & Scheduler), Masoud Mansori Samani (V&V), Scott Sawyer (GDS Architect & MOS System Engineer), and Peter Tran (GDS SW Engineer); Code R: Darin Foreman (GDS Engineer), Robert Hideo-Nakamura (SW Engineer), Brian Johnson (MMOC Engineer), Edward Mazmanian (SW Engineer & MOS Flight Controller), Chris Middour (SW Engineer), and James Strong (Mission Operations Lead)

Contact: Helen Stewart

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