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IRG Ground Data Systems Support Pavilion Lake Research Project

The Intelligent Systems Division hosted members of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region IX Emergency Response Unit. The EPA visitors were Jan Baxter, Scientist on detail to Ames; Peter Guria, Regional Homeland Security Coordinator; Cheryl Henley, Regional GIS Coordinator; Dan Shane, On Scene Coordinator; Bill Robberson, On Scene Coordinator; and Javier Gomes, Intern. The objective of the meeting was to introduce the EPA to technologies which might help with some of their IT problems used for emergency response. The visitors gave briefings on their current IT tools and their needs for better information management in searching, sharing, data collection, and visualization. Mike Shafto and Chad Frost provided overviews of the Collaborative and Assistant Systems and Autonomous Systems and Robotics technical areas, Terry Fong gave a briefing on GeoCam, and Rich Keller briefed the visitors on the SemanticOrganizer and XSearch projects.

The visitors expressed strong interest in adopting these technologies, which will hopefully lead to more discussions toward a technology transition partnership.

PARTICIPANTS: Ames: Francis Enomoto, Mike Shafto, Rich Keller, Chad Frost, Terry Fong, Leslie Keely. EPA-Region IX: Jan Baxter, Bill Robberson, Peter Guria, Dan Shane, Cheryl Henley, Javier Gomez

Contact: Francis Enomoto


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