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Intelligent Robotics Group Supports Desert RATS 2010

Code TI’s Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) sent five people to support Desert RATS 2010. Three members of IRG supported the hardware and software for two Gigipan cameras, one mounted on each rover. Two other members of IRG supported ground data systems. These operations include facilitating the daily plan feed for Science and Ops teams, comms coverage maps for Ops and the Mission Management Team, real-time Chariot and Suit data for the Tactical Science team, and Archived Chariot and Suit data for the Strategic Science team

BACKGROUND: Desert RATS (Research and Technology Studies) is an annual field test during which NASA takes equipment and crews into the field to simulate future planetary exploration missions. For more information about Desert RATS, visit:

GigaPan is a collaboration between the Intelligent Robotics Group and Carnegie Mellon University. GigiPan cameras automatically capture interactively explorable gigapixel panoramas. In addition to their use in exploration technology, GigaPan also helps bring cultures and peoples from around the world together through their captivating explorable imagery. GigaPan is used by scientists, documentarians, educators, journalists, and others to connect, inform, and inspire people across the globe. For more information on Gigapan, visit:

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Hardware and software development, testing, and integration are funded by HRS. Additional DRATS-specific tailoring and travel is funded by DIO Analogs. Desert RATS is funded by SMD, and NASA work for GigiPan is funded by the Exploration Technology Development Program.

Contact: Terry Fong

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