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Inductive Monitoring System Released to ISS Mission Evaluation Room
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Inductive Monitoring System Released to ISS Mission Evaluation Room

The Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) and IMS-based Anomaly Monitoring Inductive Software System (AMISS) have been released to the Boeing International Space Station (ISS) Mission Evaluation Room (MER) engineering staff for use in analysis and health monitoring of ISS thermal control systems.

After a demonstration of the AMISS-based External Thermal Control System (ETCS) monitoring software by an ISS Thermal Operations and Resources (THOR) flight controller, the Boeing ISS active thermal control engineering team requested the AMISS and IMS software for use in the MER. AMISS provides multivariate, real-time ISS telemetry monitoring capability based on system models derived from archived ISS operations data. IMS is used to analyze the archived data and automatically build system models used by AMISS. The IMS monitoring package also allows for off-line analysis of data collected during previous events.

BACKGROUND: IMS/AMISS is the first deployment of data-driven system health monitoring technology in NASA’s ISS mission control operations. Four IMS-based applications have been certified and deployed on the ISS Attitude Determination and Control Officer (ADCO) flight control console to provide real-time health monitoring of the ISS control moment gyroscope (CMG) systems. The AMISS software generalizes the CMG tool for monitoring any set of telemetry parameters on any ISS flight control console. Eleven AMISS applications have been developed for ETCS monitoring on the THOR flight control console, and are currently undergoing certification for deployment in late FY09.


  • JSC: Andrew Hillin (DI53, USA), Ann Esbeck (DI32, USA)
  • ARC/TI: David Iverson, William Taylor, Charles Lee (EASI), Pat Castle (SGT Inc.)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: AMISS is funded through Intercenter Task Agreement #11092 between JSC/MOD and the Ames Intelligent Systems Division.

Contact: David Iverson


AMISS software now running in Mission Control monitors the ISS Control Moment Gyroscope for anomalies.

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