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Matthew Daigle and Chetan Kulkarni Win 2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference Best Paper Award
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Matthew Daigle and Chetan Kulkarni Win 2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference Best Paper Award

A paper by Matthew Daigle (NASA Ames) and Chetan Kulkarni (SGT) titled “A Battery Health Monitoring Framework for Planetary Rovers,” was chosen as the 2014 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Aerospace Conference Best Paper. The conference was held in Big Sky, Montana, March 1-8. Over 400 papers were submitted to the conference .

BACKGROUND: Batteries have seen increasing usage as the primary energy source in electric ground and air vehicles for commercial, military, and space applications. An important aspect of using batteries in such contexts is battery health monitoring. Batteries must be carefully monitored so that battery health can be determined, and end-of-discharge and end-of-usable-life events can be accurately predicted. For planetary rovers, battery health estimation and prediction is critical to mission planning and decision-making. A model-based approach utilizing computationally efficient and accurate electrochemistry models of batteries has been developed. An unscented Kalman filter yields state estimates that are then used to predict the future behavior of the batteries and, specifically, end-of discharge. The prediction algorithm accounts for possible future power demands on rover batteries in order to provide meaningful results and an accurate representation of prediction uncertainty. This framework has been demonstrated on a set of lithium-ion batteries powering a rover at NASA Ames Research Center using real experimental field test data.


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Contact: Matthew Daigle

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