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Detailed Design for Information Architecture Applications

The detailed design for build 1 of the Information Architecture Applications was reviewed on April 6, 2010, and was unanimously approved by the review board. The set of Information Architecture Applications is composed of the Integrated Build Management System (IBMS), the Cx Command and Telemetry Registry (CCTR), and the System of Registries (SoR). Build 1 of these applications will implement capabilities that support the management of mission configuration information, i.e., interactive mission build planning, the exchange of software and data, and the query of plans and data. The Information Architecture Applications were originally intended to support a 20-year Constellation Program (CxP). Given the recent changes in agency direction, capabilities designated for implementation in build 1 have been chosen because they both support the program of record and have the greatest potential utility for future programs and projects.

The purpose of the Detailed Design Checkpoint (DDC) is to demonstrate that the maturity of the design is appropriate to support proceeding with implementation, integration, and testing, and that technical efforts are on track to meet system requirements within identified cost and schedule constraints. Entrance and exit criteria for the checkpoint are based on the criteria for a critical design review, as specified in NPR 7123, and are documented in CxP 70197: the Information Architecture Product Development Plan. The DDC board consisted of the CxP Software and Avionics Control Panel (SACP) representatives and was chaired by the SACP chair, Montgomery Goforth. All CxP offices were represented on the board, as well as key level 2 offices (the Software and Avionics Integration Office (SAVIO), the Information Systems Office (CxISO), and SR&QA). After presentation of the requirements, architecture, design, the development and testing plans, risks, costs, and schedule, the review board approved the team’s proceeding to the implementation of build 1. Build 1 is scheduled to complete software development in late August.

BACKGROUND: Development of Information Architecture Applications is performed by the Information Architecture team in SAVIO. Information Architecture is a distributed, multi-center team led by Joan Differding at ARC. Team members are drawn from ARC, JSC, MSFC, and JPL. The Information Architecture team is managed by SAVIO and is funded by both SAVIO and CxISO. The team supports the CxISO effort to establish data and IT architectures while focusing on the specific needs of software and avionics.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Constellation Software & Avionics Integration Office (SAVIO) and Constellation Information Systems Office (CxISO)

Contact: Joan Differding

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