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Human Spaceflight Planning Technical Interchange Meeting

Representatives from the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Payload Operations staff met with the Planning and Scheduling Group to discuss the state of the practice in crewed spaceflight mission and payload operations, and to discuss technology development aimed at the next generation of mission planning tools for human spaceflight. JSC and MSFC staff described roles and responsibilities of operations planners; the existing tools and software infrastructure that support planning; and issues that must be addressed in the design, development, and fielding of the next generation of tools. Ames staff described the EUROPA and Ensemble technology developed for mission planning applications, and demonstrated a number of planning and scheduling applications developed for customers across NASA, including the Solar Array Constraints Engine (SACE), “Bedrest” tool developed for the JSC Flight Analogs Branch, and the K-10 robot Mobile Camera application. Mission planning technology is also being developed in part under ETDP funding to demonstrate future mission operations concepts for Constellation.

BACKGROUND: EUROPA is an automated planning and scheduling technology developed over the last decade within Code TI and fielded as part of several tools and technology demonstrations. Ensemble is a NASA ARC-JPL-JSC collaboration that has been selected, along with EUROPA, as part of the Phoenix and MSL missions, as well as for other applications within JSC. The Automation for Operations (A4O) project is an ETDP-funded project with members from NASA JSC, NASA LaRC, NASA ARC, and NASA JPL, as well as SRI, United Space Alliance (USA) and TRACLabs (a JSC contractor). The project develops trusted adjustable automation technology to advance the state of the art in mission operations, crew self-scheduling, robotic operations, and systems operations for lunar outpost and surface infrastructure operations.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: This work was funded by the NASA Exploration Technology Development Program, the Mars Technology Program, and by the Space Operations Mission Directorate.

Contact: Jeremy Frank


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