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Hasso Plattner Institute Workshop Visits Ames

An international group of thirty computer scientists and engineers associated with the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, Germany, and the Center for Design Research (CDR) at Stanford University, toured NASA Ames for half a day on November 4, 2010. The group received a broad introduction to human-centered design methodology, focusing on how the interaction of tools, organization, and processes affects the quality of scientific results in NASA missions. The tour included presentations by Bill Clancey (Ames TI) on “Work Systems Design at NASA,” Larry Edwards (Ames TI) on “3D Visualization, Spatial Analysis, and Planning for Mission Science Operations,” and Michael Sims (Ames TI) and Estelle Dodson (Ames NAI/NLSI) on “Collaboration Science and Technology.” The tour also included a visit to the Vertical Motion Simulator Facility and the NASA Lunar Science Institute.

BACKGROUND: The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) was founded by Hasso Plattner, a co-founder of SAP. The Center for Design Research (CDR) is in Stanford’s Mechanical Engineering Department, led by Larry Leifer. The goal of the HPI-CDR collaboration is to investigate how the method of “design thinking” can be combined with more traditional approaches in the field of engineering. Collaborators looked to answer questions, such as: How can spatial and temporal boundaries be overcome for cooperation of development and design teams whose members are dispersed across the globe? Why must the structure of design thinking teams be so fundamentally different from traditional corporate structures? And, what are the most efficient methods for teaching and learning innovation skills?

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: JSC-ARC Intercenter Task Agreement; V&VFCS/Aviation Safety Program; NASA MER, MRO, and MSL Missions; NLSI, NAI, and Lockheed Martin

COLLABORATORS: Laurence Edwards and Michael Sims (TI); Chin Seah (TI/SGT); Estelle Dodson (NAI, NLSI, The Center for Collaboration Science and Applications, and Lockheed Martin); Kathleen Starmer (VMS, SAIC); Noah Kim, Larry Leifer, and Martin Steinert (Stanford, ME/CDR); Christoph Meinel (HPI Director); and Frances Quintillan (Ames International Visits Coordinator’s Office)

Contact: William J. Clancey

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