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Google Moon Update Released

The NASA/Google Planetary Content Team announced the first major update to Google Moon since its inception. The base layer includes new geographically corrected visible imagery and elevation data. The Apollo layer tells the story of humanity’s first experiences on the surface of another world through pictures, stories, maps, links to videos, and dozens of high-resolution panoramas taken by the astronauts. The Charts layer presents the geologic and topographic maps of the Moon that were developed in the Apollo era and are still of great value today. The new Google Moon can be viewed at

The NASA/Google Planetary Content Team develops tools to make NASA's Earth and planetary content more accessible and useful, building on Google's Earth and Maps platforms and open web standards. This is the team's second public release, following the NASA Featured Content layer in Google Earth released in July 2007.

The Google Moon content was developed by Intelligent Systems researchers Matt Hancher and Michael Broxton, assisted by interns Noelle Steber, Roman Koffman, and Patrick Auld, along with science advisors Jen Heldmann and Ross Beyer. Other collaborators include Michael Weiss-Malik and Noel Gorelick from Google, Brent Archinal and Trent Hare from the USGS, and collaborators from the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Google/NASA Reimbursable Space Act

Contact: Matthew D. Hancher


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