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Jose Celaya Galvan Receives Ames Safety Award

Jose Celaya-Galvan was recognized by the Ames Safety Awards Program II (ASAP II) for his exemplary attention to health and safety conditions in the Intelligent Systems Division’s Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbeds (ADAPT) laboratory.

BACKGROUND: ASAP II seeks to recognize members of the Ames community whose actions, behavior, and/or job performance go above and beyond the call of duty, resulting in improved health and safety conditions at the Center. Because the ADAPT lab is a prototyping environment, the lab setup changes constantly. Jose routinely reviews the safety of this ever-changing lab environment and ensures compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program (OSHA VPP) standards. He took it upon himself to write a standard operating procedures document for the lab that includes specific safety procedures and potential hazards and controls for each of the ten hardware-in-the-loop testbeds in the lab. This document is used for training all the researchers in the lab, including the many interns that assist with experiments. Jose’s main duties are algorithm development and research for the prognostics group, and he takes the initiative to organize lab activities to ensure that the lab is operated and maintained in a safe manner. As a result, the ADAPT lab has had zero safety incidents, and lab personnel have a high awareness of safety in all of their activities.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ARMD SSAT Prognostics and Decision Making

Contact: Ann Patterson-Hine

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