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Susan Frost Organizes Summer Intern Showcase Panel

Susan Frost is the organizer for the first TI Summer Intern Showcase and Panel event, to be held on August 4. The Intelligent Systems Division is hosting a summer open house to introduce students entering 8th-12th grades to the work experiences and projects of TI interns. Participating students will tour the TI facilities, learning directly from the interns about the projects and labs where they work. The event will conclude with a panel of interns and mentors who will discuss their educational and internship experiences and answer questions from the students. The showcase and panel will be focused on informing students about what interns do, achieve, and learn when they participate in NASA internship programs, while simultaneously encouraging interest in engineering, internships, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related programs. We are especially interested in inviting girls to this event.

BACKGROUND: An objective of the event is to encourage and motivate students to pursue their goals in any STEM-related program and give them a head start on planning for internships and their future. The event will allow students to gain a better understanding of what NASA internships have to offer and how current interns got involved. By offering students this experience, we hope to show the importance and advantage of internships toward education and future careers. Participating in the open house will benefit both the students and the interns. Students will tour labs, see demonstrations, and learn about projects from the interns who have worked on them. Interns will have the opportunity to practice presenting their work to an audience while sharing their passion for engineering and science with the younger generation. Highlighting the importance of mentoring at all ages and levels is an additional goal of this event.

PROGRAM FUNDING: Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

POC: Susan Frost,

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