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DASH Researchers Attend and Speak at Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop
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DASH Researchers Attend and Speak at Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop

Nine members from various groups in the Discovery and Systems Health (DaSH) research area attended the NASA Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop in New Orleans. Three of them gave talks to an audience of approximately 120 people from NASA, industry, and academia. Mark Schwabacher gave a talk entitled, “Human Spaceflight Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) Technology Development.” Robert Mah gave a talk entitled, “System‐Wide Safety Assurance Technologies.” And Peter Robinson gave a talk entitled, “Fault Management (FM) as a Control System.” Each of the nine DaSH members participated in one of the two breakout sessions. The first breakout session evaluated architectures for fault management. The second breakout session created a roadmap for the development of future capabilities in fault management.

BACKGROUND: The first NASA Spacecraft Health Management Workshop was held in 2008 and focused largely on robotic science missions. The second workshop was held last week and expanded its focus to include human spaceflight and, to a lesser extent, aeronautics. An important goal of this year's workshop was to enable cross-pollination among the various communities within NASA that use fault management technology, including robotic spaceflight, human spaceflight, and aeronautics. Fault management technology is used to automatically detect faults in a spacecraft or aircraft and respond to them. The workshop focused primarily on software needed for fault management.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The Office of Chief Technologist’s (OCT) Game-Changing Development Program, the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate’s (HEOMD) Advanced Exploration Systems Program, and the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate’s (ARMD) Aviation Safety Program

Contact: Mark Schwabacher

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