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EUROPA Released as Open-source Software

The Extensible Universal Remote Operations Planning Architecture (EUROPA) has been released as open-source software under a NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA). In addition to the software and documentation, two planning problem descriptions motivated by work performed on the Automation for Operations (A4O) project have also been released. One problem set is derived from the daily planning challenges faced by International Space Station (ISS) astronauts, the other is the daily planning problem faced by the medical staff running the human factors study for Johnson Space Center’s Flight Analogs Branch.

The release of EUROPA provides academics and students with the opportunity to learn from, and make use of, a sophisticated automated planning technology that is quite different from those being developed at universities. The release of the planning domains also provides academics and students with the opportunity to use highly realistic and relevant planning problems to drive their research.

BACKGROUND: XSearch is a new information management application that integrates with the Mission Control Center (MCC) Web Tools system to enable search and linkage across multiple databases used by ISS and Shuttle flight controllers. A primary function of XSearch is to allow flight controllers to search across three key tools that previously were isolated from one another: the chits system (used to store mission action requests), the flight notes system (used to store internal flight control team communications), and the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) anomaly reporting system. A flight controller must currently search the three MCC tools separately; XSearch allows users to conduct a single search and get back a set of integrated results from all three tool databases. Additional databases are being considered to extend the search coverage of the system. In addition to search, the XSearch system provides two other important capabilities: cross-referencing and similarity detection. Work is currently underway to modify XSearch to combine search results from the NX-Search system, which provides search capabilities covering several other MOD databases.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

Contact:  Jeremy Frank

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