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ELP Team Wins NASA Group Achievement Award

The Intelligent System Division’s Emergency Landing Planner (ELP) Team was announced as a winner of a 2011 NASA Group Achievement Award.

BACKGROUND: In 2010, the Emergency Landing Planner (ELP) team implemented and completed a series of tests of an Emergency Landing Planner for damaged aircraft. This innovative system provides in-the-cockpit support to pilots when they need it most – during an emergency, faced with the need to make rapid and correct decisions about which airport to land at and how best to get there. Professional airline pilots quickly recognized the great advantages of the ELP, and the foresight of the development team has resulted in a system that can readily be implemented in the commercial aircraft fleet.

TEAM: Nicolas Meuleau, Christian Neukom, Christian Plaunt, David Smith (Lead), Tristan Smith, David Brown, Diane Carpenter, Ramesh Panda, Ghislain Saillant, Darrell Wooten, Terrence Rager

Contact: David E. Smith

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