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Ewen Denney Chairs PCC’09

Ewen Denney chaired the Third International Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code and Software Certification (PCC’09), held on August 15, 2009 at UCLA as part of the prestigious Logic in Computer Science conference.

The workshop addressed the theoretical foundations of logic-based software certification as well as practical examples and work on alternative application domains, and aimed to bridge a gap between theoretical approaches to software certification and more applied process-oriented approaches. The Intelligent Software Design Project (PI Mike Lowry), in the Robust Software Engineering Group (led by Joe Coughlan) is developing technologies to address these issues.

Invited speakers included Kelly Hayhurst (NASA Langley) and Andrew Appel (Princeton University). Hayhurst’s talk “Mending the Gap, An effort to aid the transfer of formal methods technology,” discussed her work chairing the DO-178C committee and the use of formal methods tools for software assurance and certification. Appel presented a framework that provided a theoretical foundation for a wide range of static analyses.

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