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Release of NASA Earth Exchange Dashlink 2.0 Collaborative Websites

DASHlink 2.0 and NASA Earth Exchange have recently been released to the public. These sites were constructed off a collaborative web platform called C3 that was designed to easily enable the set up of new collaborative sites at NASA with minimal overhead and site infrastructure investment. Additionally, the C3 team has set up a TI-only internal version of the website for use in the Division at These sites allow NASA researchers to collaborate with other researchers and share their work online.

BACKGROUND: These sites build off the success of DASHlink 1.0, one of NASA’s first social media websites. For more information, please visit these websites:

PROGRAM FUNDING: DASHlink was originally funded by the IVHM Project in the Aviation Safety Program (POC: Ashok Srivastava, Ph.D.) of ARMD. NEX was funded by an ARRA task as part of the broader NASA Earth Exchange Project in SMD (POC: Rama Nemani, Ph.D.).

TEAM MEMBERS: Elizabeth Foughty (MCT), Caroline Hardoyo (MCT), Chris Fattarsi (ASANI), Dave Kluck (MCT), Bryan Matthews (SGT), Petr Votava (CSUMB), Leo Wang (MCT), Ashok Srivastava (NASA), Rama Nemani (NASA), and Dawn McIntosh (NASA)

Contact: Elizabeth Foughty

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