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Constellation Data Aggregator Completes Initial Release

The Data Aggregator (DAggr) team achieved a major project milestone when it released its initial version to support the System Integration Planning (SIP) team within Constellation for the Program Preliminary Design Review. This version includes a SIP client as well as the core DAggr capability.

BACKGROUND: DAggr is a core component in the Information Systems Architecture for the Constellation Program, bringing together authoritative data from a variety of sources for integration and reporting purposes. DAggr provides secure access to data from the source in a seamless way, allowing browsing, searching, and linking of the data. This release was a high priority for Constellation Information Systems for calendar year 2009, and was successfully supported by a cross-center team.

KEY AMES PARTICIPANTS: Robert Carvalho, David Bell, Irene Tollinger, Doug Broussard, Guy Pyrzak, Alex Eiser, Paul Keller, Archana Vembakam, Sudhir Pulla, Tim Harsch, Ankit Vakharia, Peter Tran, Shubha Ranjan, Aaron Duley, Vidya Bobbiligama, Jill Foley, Don Kalar, Brad Hunt, Chip Masters

OTHER KEY PARTICIPANTS: Dennis Bulgatz (MSFC), Vance Heron (JPL). DAggr was also supported by the ESMD/Integrated Collaborative Environment team, and the Constellation Analysis Integration Tool team.

PROGRAM FUNDING: DAggr was funded by the Constellation Information Systems Office.

Contact: Robert Carvalho


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