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Cryosim Software Released on NASA Tech Briefs Website

CryoSim consists of a physics-based simulation model of a cryogenic fluid test bed, along with supporting code to provide control, presentation, and recording of the simulation output. A set of physics-based component libraries was developed for cryogenic fluid, pneumatics, and control systems. A system model was created using the component libraries and then combined with simulation framework code to provide operator, message bus, and data file interfaces. Each component model includes a set of user-selectable fault modes that modify the component’s behavior such that the effect of a given fault will propagate through the system model. An article on CryoSim, which received a NASA Tech Brief Award, has been published in the February issue of the NASA Tech Briefs Magazine. CryoSim is available for download as a Technical Support Package (reference KSC13847).

BACKGROUND: In the context of systems health management, simulations serve many uses. For one, the underlying physical models can be used by model-based health management tools to develop diagnostic and prognostic models. These simulations should incorporate both nominal and faulty behavior with the ability to inject various faults into the system. Such simulations can therefore be used for operator training, as well as for developing and prototyping health management algorithms. CryoSim was developed for these purposes in support of health management projects at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

COLLABORATORS: John Barber (KSC), Matthew Daigle (ARC), and Kyle Johnston (KSC)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Automated Cryogenic Loading Operations (ACLO) project, Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT); Advanced Ground Systems Maintenance (AGSM) project, Ground Systems Development and Operations program, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD); and the Automated Propellant Loading (APL) project, Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) program, HEOMD

Contact: Matthew Daigle

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