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Constraints and Flight Rule Management Project Prototype Release for Evaluation
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Constraints and Flight Rule Management Project Prototype Release for Evaluation

A prototype of the Constraints and Flight Rule Management (ConFRM) tool was released to the Space Transportation Systems Division (DS) of the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) for use in generating detailed requirements in the early part of FY10. The prototype was developed in eight months by Intelligent Systems Division staff working in the Planning and Scheduling Group. The project business case was also presented to the MOD Control Board and given approval to proceed in FY10. While the project is specifically aimed at providing functionality to Constellation, the technology is also relevant to International Space Station (ISS) operations, and further work will be performed to identify opportunities for ISS infusion.

BACKGROUND: ConFRM is an authoring tool for documenting operating constraints such as Flight Rules, Ground Rules and Constraints, and Workstation Limits. These operating constraints share many common features, but today they are created using many different tools and processes, and hence are difficult to maintain. ConFRM will offer a centralized means of creating all such constraints, as well as providing early QA, the ability to document the history of a constraint, and the ability to create end-use versions (human or machine readable) of the constraint at the push of a button.

PROGRAM FUNDING: Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

TEAM MEMBERS: Jeremy Frank, Javier Barreiro, Robert Kanefsky, Tristan Smith (ARC); Christie Bertels, Alan Crocker (JSC)

Contact: Jeremy Frank


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