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Constraint and Flight Rule Management 1.0 Delivered to JSC MOD

The Constraint and Flight Rule Management (ConFRM) System version 1.0 has been delivered to Johnson Space Center’s Mission Operations Directorate (MOD). ConFRM 1.0 is the culmination of a one-year development effort, which followed a previous “Initiative” project for MOD’s Space Transportation Systems (Constellation) Division. The ConFRM team spent the first half of FY ’10 developing requirements and preliminary designs. The team managed the delivery of five versions of ConFRM for evaluation by JSC between April and October 2010. A final delivery cycle will include the ConFRM UI, a local database, a remote database managed at ARC, a user guide, source code documentation, software architecture, and lessons learned and forward plan documentation.

BACKGROUND: The Constraint and Flight Management System (ConFRM) is a tool that allows flight controllers to build and manage space mission operational constraints in an integrated manner. ConFRM originated as a means of increasing flight controller efficiency in managing operational constraints that share information but today are managed separately. ConFRM features a combination of authoring environment, workflow system, document storage and archiving, and user notification. The authoring environment automatically enforces formatting standards, thereby reducing book management effort. Constraints built inside ConFRM can be linked and the links provide flight controllers with information about the validity of the link and status of the target constraint, thereby reducing the effort of maintaining consistency between constraints sharing content. Flight controllers can also link constraints to web pages with other content managed outside ConFRM. Additionally, flight controllers and other stakeholders can comment on constraints, thereby preserving the history of discussion that can be lost in e-mail. Flight controllers can also subscribe to receive notification when constraints they are reviewing or editing are changed. The database maintains history and version control, thereby preserving changes and reducing the effort of merging multiple copies of constraints.


TEAM MEMBERS: Jeremy Frank, John Chachere, Javier Barreiro, Elif Kurklu, Kevin Greene, Bob Kanefsky, Tristan Smith, and Christie Bertels (JSC)

Contact: Jeremy Frank

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