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Designing for Cognitive Task Performance Book Chapter Published

“Designing for Cognitive Task Performance,” by Judith M. Orasanu (Human Systems Integration Divison) and Michael G. Shafto (Intelligent Systems Division), has been published as Chapter 17 (pp. 691-721) of the Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management (second edition), edited by Andrew P. Sage and William B. Rouse, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The first version of this chapter was published in 1999. Orasanu and Shafto submitted the updated chapter in late 2007. It covers basic research findings on human cognition, as well as practical methodologies for incorporating this knowledge into the design and testing of complex human-machine systems. The authors drew many examples from aerospace systems, as well as other transportation, military, and medical systems.

BACKGROUND: NASA researchers have contributed substantially to this area of systems engineering. NASA research cited in the chapter includes work by Cecilia Aragon, Charles Billings, Steve Casner, Bill Clancey, Kevin Corker, Asaf Degani, Key Dismukes, David Foyle, Mike Freed, Brian Gore, Becky Hooey, Jim Johnston, Jessica Marquez, Lynne Martin, Mike Matessa, Roger Remington, Eric Ruthruff, Maarten Sierhuis, Alonso Vera, and Roxana Wales (ARC); Deborah Bass (JPL); Michael Hinchey (GSFC); and numerous NASA-funded researchers in academia and industry.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ARMD - Aviation Safety Program; ESMD - Human Research Program

Contact: Mike Shafto


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