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Division Passes Readiness Review for Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating
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Division Passes Readiness Review for Renewal of CMMI Maturity Level 2 Rating

The Intelligent Systems Division successfully completed a Readiness Review in preparation for a May 2013 SCAMPI A appraisal. CMMI ratings must be renewed every three years and this appraisal will be held to renew the CMMI Maturity Level 2 rating Code TI received in 2010. The purpose of the Readiness Review is to examine evidence prepared to present at the appraisal, confirm that a qualified appraisal team is lined up and available, and ensure that logistics and other appraisal preparations are in place to ensure that the organization is ready to proceed with the appraisal. The SCAMPI A is scheduled for May 6-10, 2013. Appraisal preparation was a collaborative effort involving personnel from Code TI, Code QS, Code RD, and the Ames Office of the Chief Engineer.

BACKGROUND: CMMI is a process model for software engineering established by the Software Engineering Institute at CMU, and is similar to ISO-9001, AS-9100, and other industry process standards. NPR 7150.2 Software Engineering Requirements specifies that all organizations developing Class B software and above must have a CMMI rating. SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Methodology for Process Improvement) is the SEI-defined methodology for appraising an organization’s software development processes and for determining whether the level of process implementation is sufficient to award the organization a particular CMMI rating. A Maturity Level 2 rating means that the organization has satisfactorily met all specific and generic goals defined by the SEI in the areas of Project Planning, Requirements Management, Project Monitoring and Control, Configuration Management, Measurement and Analysis, Supplier Agreement Management, and Product and Process Quality Assurance.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: This effort is supported by the ARC Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) and the ARC Systems Safety and Mission Assurance Division (Code QS), with additional funding from the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer Software Engineering Program.

PARTICIPATING SOFTWARE PROJECTS: Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE); Cubesat Hydrometric Atmospheric Radiometer Mission (CHARM)

APPRAISAL SPONSOR: Dennis Koga, Deputy Division Chief, Intelligent Systems Division

APPRAISAL TEAM: William Van Dalsem (ARC Office of the Chief Engineer), Wei Lin (Code R), Alex Eiser (Code TH), and David Hall (SGT Inc., Code TI)

APPRAISAL PREPARATION TEAM: Bob Duffy (Code TI), Tom Dayton (UCSC, Code TI), Madelyn Quinol (UCSC, Code TI), Greg Orzech, (MCT Inc., Code TI), Sue Blumenberg (SGT Inc., Code TI), Maryland Edwards (Code RE), and Eddie Uribe (USRA, Code RD)

Contact: Robert Duffy

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