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Bill Clancey Selected as APS Fellow

Bill Clancey (Chief Scientist, Human-Centered Computing) has been selected for Fellow status in the Association of Psychological Science (APS) in recognition of his sustained and outstanding contributions to the advancement of psychological science.

Clancey has been active in cognitive science since the 1970s. His journal articles include “Heuristic classification,” “Simulating activities: Relating motives, deliberation, and attentive coordination,” “Roles for agent assistants in field science: Understanding personal projects and collaboration,” and “Automating CAPCOM: Pragmatic operations and technology research for human exploration of Mars.” His seven books include Situated Cognition: On Human Knowledge and Computer Representations and (in review) Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers.

BACKGROUND: APS is a professional international organization dedicated to increasing support for psychological research and the use of science-based psychology in the development of public policy. The APS seeks today to promote convergence of schools of thought—including studies of people in the social world, mental systems of cognition and emotion, and biological mechanisms—to yield an integrated psychological science.


Contact: William J. Clancey

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