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CDE Demonstrated to ISU Satellite Applications Group

Francis Enomoto was invited to demonstrate the Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) to an International Space University (ISU) class on 8/3/2009 as part of a tour of the Earth Science facilities. The demonstration shows how the CDE can be used in remote sensing for mission planning, situational awareness, and visualization of sensor data products. The visitors are from an ISU class on remote sensing taught by Professor Scott Madry of the University of North Carolina.

BACKGROUND: The Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) is a decision support tool used to support scientific missions. It utilizes Google Earth as the visualization component. It was extensively used for the Western States Fire Mission to plan and monitor UAV flights and to disseminate sensor data products to incident responders.

TEAM MEMBERS: Francis Enomoto (Intelligent Systems Division); Vince Ambrosia, Jeff Meyers (Earth Sciences Division); Scott Madry (ISU)


Contact: Francis Enomoto


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