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Flight Tracker for CASIE Mission

The Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) development team supported the Characterization of Arctic Sea Ice Experiment (CASIE) mission by a providing a near real-time flight tracking tool so that the mission team and the public could monitor the location of the SIERRA UAV as it flew over the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. The CASIE team and the UAV were deployed to Ny-Alesund, a research station on the island of Svalbard, Norway. Aircraft position and icing sensor data were transmitted to a ground station at Ny-Alesund, then relayed by FTP protocol to an Ames server. The CDE flight tracker and icing monitor displays in Google Earth were implemented with a re-designed workflow process that automated the setup and updating of KML files and web server directories. The flight tracker was used for eight flights between July 16 and 29 during the CASIE deployment and was featured in an article on the CASIE mission blog

BACKGROUND: The Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) is a decision support tool used to support scientific missions. It utilizes Google Earth as the visualization component. It was extensively used for the Western States Fire Mission to plan and monitor UAV flights and to disseminate sensor data products to incident responders.


TEAM MEMBERS: Sandy Johan, Francis Enomoto (Intelligent Systems Division); Don Sullivan, Brad Lobitz, Jeremy Kerr, Matt Fladeland, Randy Berthold (Earth Science Division).

Contact: Francis Enomoto


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