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NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Supports CalWater2 Field Campaign
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NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Supports CalWater2 Field Campaign

The CalWater2 field campaign is investigating the role of Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) and the modulating effects of aerosols on western U.S. precipitation. A milestone for the CalWater 2015 field campaign was achieved, involving multi-agency and multi-asset coordination of the NASA ER-2, Department of Energy (DOE) G-1, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) P-3, and the NOAAS Ronald H. Brown Ocean Explorer in a highly successful cloud-aerosol-ocean survey mission. The Mission Tools Suite (MTS) is being used as the primary decisional and tactical support system for real-time asset tracking and operational product displays, which include numerous RADAR, Satellite, Forecast and Modeling products supplied through the CalWater2 participating organization and institutions. For more information about the CalWater2 campaign visit

BACKGROUND: The NASA Mission Tools Suite (MTS) is a web-based system used to assist with tactical decision-making and situational awareness during airborne science field campaigns. MTS is designed to encourage more responsive and collaborative measurements between instruments on multiple aircraft, satellites, and on the surface of the Earth in order to increase the scientific value of the measurements, as well as to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of flight missions. At its most basic, MTS provides a means for visualizing the real-time position of aircraft and airborne instrument status data in concert with satellite and model products during the course of the mission. MTS further provides solutions for customized meteorological and instrument visualization products and integrated tools for education and public outreach activities, such as the Mission Tools Suite for Education (MTSE).

TEAM: Aaron Duley (Project Lead), Sandy Johan, Eugene Turkov, Patrick Finch Palmdale; David Van Gilst Project and Program Support: Matthew Fladeland Participating Groups: National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Airborne Science Program

Contact: Aaron Duley

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