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NASA/Boeing Meeting on Elastic Aircraft Flight Control Research

On June 22nd, 2012, NASA Ames subject matter experts participated in a meeting at Boeing Seal Beach to discuss the current research status of the Elastic Aircraft Flight Control task under the new Fixed-Wing project, as well as Boeing’s follow-on task proposal to continue development of the Variable Camber Continuous Training Edge Flap (VCCTEF) system, which is a novel distributed flap for drag reduction control initially proposed by NASA. Presentations were given by the NASA Ames research task Lead, Nhan Nguyen; Boeing task Leads, Jim Urnes and Brian Foist; Boeing Truss-Braced Wing (TBW) N+3 Phase II NRA, Tim Allen; and NASA Dryden X-56A Lead, John Bosworth.

Status of FY12 research tasks are all on track in terms of scope, schedule, and budget, and plans for FY13 appear to be well defined, aligned with the current goal set of the new Fixed-Wing project, and relevant to high-aspect ratio wing challenge areas for future generation aircraft concepts. The plans will be provided to the Fixed-Wing leadership team for review and approval. Initial discussion of potential flight tests on the X-56A will also be provided.

BACKGROUND: Active wing-shaping control is an element of a research project entitled, “Elastically Shaped Aircraft Concept” that is being funded by NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Subsonic Fixed Wing Project in collaboration with The Boeing Company. The project leverages new concepts developed previously by a NASA Innovation Fund project entitled, “Elastically Shaped Future Air Vehicle Concept” that was awarded by NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program through a competitive selection in 2010. The project addresses one of the aviation challenges of reducing fuel burn for current and next-generation aircraft by developing new concepts of active wing-shaping flight control and the variable-camber-continuous-trailing edge flap device for drag reduction.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The ARMD Subsonic Fixed Wing Project

PARTICIPANTS: NASA - John Bosworth (DFRC), Nhan Nguyen (ARC/TI), Kevin Reynolds (ARC/TI), and Joe Totah (ARC/TI); Boeing - Tim Allen, John Dykman, Kyle Fitle, Brian Foist, David Hyde, Kevin Lutke, Gerry Newkirk, Daniel Ortega, and Jim Urnes.
Webex Participants: Starr Ginn (DFRC), Irene Gregory (Boeing), Robert Scott (Boeing), and Karen Taminger (LaRC).

Contact: Nhan Nguyen

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