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Behind the Scenes Look at Robotics and Software Development

Two Intelligent Robotics team audio slideshows, which take a look behind the scenes at the research and development the team is doing in embedded systems, human-computer interaction, robotics, software development, and disaster response, have been published on cnet news.

The NASA Marscape audio slideshow looks at the challenging conditions the Intelligent Robotics team has to overcome while their robotic rovers traverse planets, moons, and other bodies.

The “Random Hacks of Kindness” audio slideshow looks at how division technology is used to solve problems with crisis and disaster relief.

Robotic Space Exploration: With the uncertainty in just how much exploration of the solar system humans will be able to undertake or just how far into space we will be able to go, robots will play a key role in uncovering the mysteries of space and other planets and moons. The Intelligent Robotics team is developing robots for systematic survey, inspection, and remote reconnaissance and science. Robotic assistants are also being groomed to provide scouting of new worlds and aid in EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) tasks, which will provide human crews with increased situational awareness and help with difficult tasks that will have to be performed in hostile environments.

Geo-Referenced Imaging for Disaster Response: Since 2007, the Disaster Response Team has been working on tools and processes to make disaster response more effective. Geo-referenced imaging; satellite, radar, and weather measurements; weather forecasts; heat detection and disaster assessment imagery; airspace boundaries and restrictions; aircraft location tracking; instant online and offline messaging; and decision-support systems are just some of the tools the Disaster Response Team has been developing and bringing together to help facilitate disaster mission planning, situational awareness, and post-disaster recovery of ecosystems.


  • Robotic Space Exploration: EMD (Exploration Missions Directorate)
  • Geo-Referenced Imaging for Disaster Response: Google (Google-NASA Disaster Response Project)

Contact: Terry Fong


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