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Intelligent Systems Division Hosts Visit by Dr. Johann Bals, Director of DLR’s Institute for System Dynamics and Control
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Intelligent Systems Division Hosts Visit by Dr. Johann Bals, Director of DLR’s Institute for System Dynamics and Control

The Director of DLR's Institute for System Dynamics and Control, Dr. Johann Bals, visited NASA Ames Research Center on January 17, 2014. The visit was hosted by the Intelligent Systems Division. During the visit, Dr. Bals presented a one-hour seminar titled “Physical Modeling and Model-based Control Applications in Aerospace, Robotics, and Ground Transportation,” attended by scientists and researchers from various NASA Ames organizations. Other activities for the one-day visit included meetings with members of Center management, technical presentations, lab tours, discussions with members of rgw Division’s Autonomous Systems and Robotics technical area, and demonstrations at the Center’s Vertical Motion Simulator and Crew-Vehicle Systems Research Facility.

BACKGROUND: The DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control is responsible for advancing the state of the art in system dynamics and control technologies for high-performance mechatronic systems in aerospace, robotics, and ground vehicle application. The increasing requirements on higher performance, improved comfort, safety, lower energy consumption, etc. for innovative technical products urges the need for better dynamics and control methods, and tools of practical value. In response to this need, the Institute of System Dynamics and Control conducts research in the areas of multidisciplinary modeling and system identification, computational methods for control, non-linear model-based control law synthesis methods, and optimization-based multi-disciplinary design and analysis. These fields of competence and the related control engineering methods and tools are utilized to solve challenging dynamics and control problems in close cooperation with aerospace, automotive, railway and robotics industries.

NASA Ames Research Center and DLR have an ongoing Visiting Researcher Agreement, which allows a DLR employee, Dr. Thomas Lombaerts, to conduct research at NASA Ames for two years. The DLR employee is a member of the Institute of System Dynamics and Control. The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities to continue this collaboration and initiate new areas of collaboration.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Vehicle System Safety Technologies (VSST) project, Aviation Safety Program (AvSP), Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD)

Contact: Diana Acosta

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