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Ares I-X Ground Diagnostic Prototype Selected by AIAA

The December 2009 year-in-review issue of AIAA’s Aerospace America magazine lists the Ares I-X Ground Diagnostic Prototype as one of “the most substantive advances for intelligent systems” in 2009.

BACKGROUND: The Ares I-X GDP team developed a prototype ground diagnostic system that combines TEAMS (a model-based diagnostic tool that is a commercial product from Qualtech Systems Inc., originally developed using NASA ARC SBIR funding), the Inductive Monitoring System (IMS, an anomaly detection tool that was developed in Code TI by David Iverson), and SHINE (Spacecraft Health Inference Engine, a rule-based expert system from JPL). The prototype was deployed to Hangar AE at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), where it monitored live data feeds from sensors in the Ares I-X first-stage thrust vector control and ground hydraulic systems. It monitored the sensor data while the vehicle was in the Vehicle Assembly Building and while it was on Launch Pad 390B, right up until the moment it launched on October 28, 2009.

The purpose of the prototype was to demonstrate that problems in a launch vehicle can be quickly detected, diagnosed, and corrected before launch in order to reduce launch delays, improve safety, and reduce costs. Researchers demonstrated that data from multiple sources can be integrated to diagnose faults in parts of the Ares I-X and the ground support equipment and display the information to controllers in Hangar AE, where the Ares I-X launch was monitored.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Ares I, ETDP, and KSC Ground Operations

TEAM MEMBERS, COLLABORATORS, AND CUSTOMERS: Mark Schwabacher (ARC, lead), Barbara Brown (ARC at KSC), Bob Waterman (KSC), John Ossenfort (SGT at ARC), Rebecca Oostdyk (ARC at KSC), Charles Lee (SGT at ARC), Rodney Martin (ARC), Nathan Wood (KSC), Tim Taylor (MSFC), Vijay Baskaran (SGT at ARC), Lilly Spirkovska (ARC), Bryan Matthews (SGT at ARC), Mark James (JPL), Pat Chang (JPL), Lawrence Markosian (SGT at ARC), Martin Feather (JPL), Mike Watson (MSFC), and Robert Trent (ARC).

Contact: Mark Schwabacher


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