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First Release Of ADCO Planning Exchange Tool Delivered To JSC

The first delivery of the International Space Station (ISS) Attitude Determination and Control Officer (ADCO) Planning Exchange (APEX) Tool was made in December 2011. This first release of seven includes the initial cut of the Activity Dictionary for ADCO activities and an initial draft of the Maneuver Control Systems (MCS) Ops Timeline capability. This first release has made significant progress towards making the APEX tool work for an entirely new user community.

BACKGROUND: The objective of the ADCO Planning Tool is to streamline the existing ADCO manual and time-intensive planning tools into a more automated, user-friendly application that interfaces with existing products and allows the Attitude Determination and Control Officer to produce accurate products and timelines more efficiently. The next release of APEX is targeted for user evaluation at the end of March, 2012. It will include limited flight following, ADCO-specific modeling features, an Attitude Change Request (ACR) import, and a fully detailed draft of the Maneuver Control Systems (MCS) Ops Timeline capability, including events from ACRs and Thruster Configuration File (TCF) configurations.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Mission Operations Directorate (MOD), Johnson Space Center (JSC)

COLLABORATORS: Alfredo Bencomo and Jessica Lee (San Jose State University)

Contact: Jeremy Frank; Mike McCurdy

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