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Autonomous Mission Operations Project Featured in JSC Roundup Magazine
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Autonomous Mission Operations Project Featured in JSC Roundup Magazine

The Autonomous Mission Operations (AMO) project, under the Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) program, was the subject of a story in the November issue of Johnson Space Center’s Roundup magazine. When humans explore Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), Mars, and other destinations deep in space, astronauts and flight controllers will no longer be able to relay messages and commands back and forth in a matter of seconds. By the time word gets back to Mission Control, the crew may already need to be working on a solution to an anomaly or performing operations independently during a time-critical mission phase.

BACKGROUND: Through AMO, a 40-person team composed of engineers and mission operations planners from several NASA centers is investigating what systems and processes may require automation during missions to different destinations throughout the solar system. These missions to varied destinations are called Design Reference Missions (DRMs) and have been identified by NASA’s Human Spaceflight Architecture Team. The article features an interview with Timothy Hall of JSC, who co-leads the project for JSC’s Mission Operations Directorate, with Jeremy Frank.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: HEOMD and the Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) program

Contact: Jeremy Frank

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